Praying for peace and healing…

There is a difference between praying for peace and praying for healing. What if complete physical healing is not possible? What if you have to learn to deal with an outcome less than perfect?

Life is not about praying for miracles of healing when healing fully is not possible. Pray for peace to accept the situation and be able to love unconditionally the imperfections we are encompassed with. Sometimes peace is for us, sometimes for others, most times both.

Example: a child diagnosed with cancer. Scares the you know what out of every single parent!! We pray for healing. What if healing is not in the cards? What if this child loses a limb in the battle? We pray for peace to accept the things that will follow. What if the child cannot combat the awful disease? We pray for peace for the child and their family. This happened with my brother at the age of 40. I never thought I would be relieved to lose a sibling, but watching him suffer knowing he would not and could not get better was far worse. I prayed for his peace.

I quit praying for big miracles a long time ago. There are no parting of the seas in today’s world. But there are a lot of miracles we need to be thankful for. Peace itself is a miracle and brings healing with it! It allows the suffering to subside. We are all in this together and we need to find peace in situations we have no control over. The miracles will follow.

When I lost my son 13 months ago, I had little peace. I had “why?” Why did he have to die at 24? Why could he have not lived through that wreck? A lot more “why’s” ensued. There are a lot of little miracles that have been answered since that question was first asked. I prayed for healing of my heart and found peace. I found peace in knowing had he lived, he would have been in terrible pain and possibly worse. There is a peace in knowing there are far worse things than death. Death was peace for him. I have to be accepting of that. I have faith I will have more answers when I join him, and the pieces of the puzzle will make sense.

This is what I pray for those in this club and those battling for the unknowns. I pray for peace, strength, and comfort for all involved. I pray you find peace when knowing the outcome might be worse than we want. I pray for healing for those that can achieve it in their situation. I pray for peace and acceptance of whatever life throws our way. There are a few words that may just outright kill the devil. Those words are “Peace be with you.” Amen.

Author: Christina Herold Trueblood

My name is Christina Trueblood. I am married and live in Central Illinois and am the mother of two, a daughter and son. Unfortunately, I lost my son in August 2017 in a single vehicle truck accident a couple of miles from our home. He was 24. I have documented some of my story on Facebook over this first year and have been encouraged to start a blog. I hope to help other families who have gone through loss and struggle to make any sense of it. My faith has kept me going and I believe one day, we will meet those loved ones we have lost again and it will be as if no time has passed. Until then, I want to honor their lives and know they left a mark on my life! Please follow me and share your stories.

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