Speaking from the heart…

I have a lot of moments that are like light bulbs going on! Not all are epiphanies. Some are just common sense. Some are wishful thinking. The ‘lucky’ ones reading these get to relish in those moments. It just helps me to write it out. I hope it helps those who read them. If they don’t help you, I hope they are helping someone. It is me speaking from the heart…

We never know what we have until it is gone. And now that I know, I get very upset when I see what I can’t cherish being neglected, abused, taken for granted, and assumed! Don’t take tomorrow for granted or assume any promised experiences! You can’t get that time back or turn back any clocks to relive life. We take every day for granted until, one day, the choice is not ours to make. When someone tells you to “live – love – laugh” they know what they are talking about!! They know what vacancy is left when you don’t have tomorrow!!

Just recently, I met a divorced waitress with two boys. It sounds as if she had quite a tumultuous relationship with her ex. That being said, it still produced two sons. I know I only heard one side of the story, but my message to both sides is, “Your boys are here! Enjoy your creation!” This should not be an epiphany to them, but for me, the epiphany was this: I am so jealous that this mom and dad have a son(s) you can wrap your arms around and I don’t!! Don’t waste your dash in the middle placing blame and/or neglecting those boys. They are a precious gift!!! Treat them as such!! My only notation here is to know these boys have parents in different homes and it sounded a bit estranged, which makes me sad.

I lost a classmate just recently who was killed in a very similar fashion as my son. He left a wife and three small children behind!! Those kids won’t get a future with their dad! A flip side of my previous story. Instead of a dad who isn’t, it is a dad who can’t!! I pray for their family and hope those children were blessed with great memories and that the surviving family members share as many stories so they never forget their dad!!

Families divided by divorce or distance in miles can still have a great relationship and make great memories. I don’t want to ever say again, “I wish I would have…!” I want to say “I did…!” Life is not going to wait for you to get your heads out of your a**!!! Enjoy your family, friends, good food, good wine, and talk to each other!! Take pictures!! Most of all, let go of the bad, negative, and unhappy moments and overshadow those moments with loving thoughts! Not one of us is perfect, but we can be imperfect together!! Live!! Love!!! Laugh!!! Repeat!!! Life is short! Hearts have a hard time mending if treated wrongly. Some people don’t have do-overs!!! Make each moment and memory count!! Have no regrets!!

As we come near the end of another year, I continue to cry because they are gone, but I smile because they were here!!!

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