Death Has No Age Range or Order…

There is no written statement anywhere that will designate: the right age; the right time; the right circumstance; or, the right order of dying. Death has no age range or order. As hard as I try to understand death, the more obscure it becomes. I can ask why my son went first over and over and over. I am not going to get an answer. What I will do instead, make sure the time he was here is never forgotten.

Today is Bereaved Mother’s Day, the first Sunday in May. I’d like to say I feel honored to have two Mother’s Day, but sadly, one is not necessarily celebrated. There will be no cards given to me signed by my child in Heaven. No phone calls. It is a reminder that my child died before me. And, unfortunately, I am not the only one who will be acknowledging this day.

I heard a song on the radio this morning, one that I had not heard in years, “The Chain of Love.” I am reminded again that we are all links in a chain, though mine may be broken, his link is now up to me and those who knew him. It really is an easy task as I think about it. Allowing him to live on through me and my actions as well as those of the people who knew him best. Another reminder, broken is not “shattered.”

On this Bereaved Mother’s Day, for all of those in this unwanted club, let the light of your child shine brightly today. This can be in the form of an action, favor, song, anything. The sky is the limit…literally! Your child had meaning and purpose. Don’t let anyone forget that! We are all better for having them in our lives and all have a void that will never be filled the way it was. I will cry because he is gone, but I will smile because he was here!!

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Author: Christina Herold Trueblood

My name is Christina Trueblood. I am married and live in Central Illinois and am the mother of two, a daughter and son. Unfortunately, I lost my son in August 2017 in a single vehicle truck accident a couple of miles from our home. He was 24. I have documented some of my story on Facebook over this first year and have been encouraged to start a blog. I hope to help other families who have gone through loss and struggle to make any sense of it. My faith has kept me going and I believe one day, we will meet those loved ones we have lost again and it will be as if no time has passed. Until then, I want to honor their lives and know they left a mark on my life! Please follow me and share your stories.

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