Life changes in the blink of an eye… or snap of a strap!!

Literally, life changes in the blink of an eye, a tick on a clock, or the snap of a strap!!! We experienced that blink just over two years ago and, again, this past Monday!! Like always, we can take this situation to a worse-case scenario, but it doesn’t always make it feel better.

Monday, my husband and my son’s best friend went to check on the deer stands before any hunting was going to be done from them. Safety first. It was good to see the best buddy of my son and my husband kind of excited to be doing something in which they knew my son would be hovering over them for that is where his spirit lived… in the woods!! Anyone who knew Cody knew his passion was hunting!! That and trucks!! Well, no names, but his friend’s initials are AW so we will go with initials and ‘dad’ throughout the story. AW was the first one up the first stand while dad walked ahead. They say, first one up, first one down. That is correct, just not the way we wanted. Once up, the straps broke and 18-20 feet down came AW, hitting a limb, breaking his fall, and several vertebrae!! 
I have seen adrenaline in action before, but AW saw it first hand in dad!! Dad did everything right, according to ALL medical personnel, to not increase or cause additional injury. To the ER they went after the ordeal of getting AW to the truck!
Long story short, he will be ok. No spinal injury. Hopefully, no permanent damage. But this could have been much worse!! We know that! But, it doesn’t take away from the fact that our dear friend and almost like “son” is hurting!!
As a parent, we would trade places with these kids in a heartbeat! What started out as an adventure and bonding experience could have turned to even more of a tragedy in a heartbeat!! We hurt watching their suffering!! Even though AW says he is glad it was him and not dad, that doesn’t make our anguish disappear. 
Every single day, something happens to open my eyes and my heart to appreciate EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!! It doesn’t matter if your political views differ from mine; if you are a messy person when I  not; if God gave you a different color of skin than mine; or if you don’t like pizza (which should be against the law lol)!! We are human and all lives matter! Respect and appreciate what is right in front of us, every single day!
These kids that came into our lives through the friendship with our son are a part of our lives forever! They are our lifeline to memories and help keep him alive in spirit! I am so glad AW wanted to go into the woods and help dad, with Cody’s spirit in tow. For all I know, Cody was there making sure this situation didn’t become a “worse case scenario!”
Take a minute to thank the Lord for ALL the blessings. Sometimes, we do not appreciate the good until we have experienced the bad. The trials and tribulations will make us stronger and help us to appreciate those less trying times. In a blink, our priorities change. Our focus shifts. Things that mattered before may not come close to a priority.
Please pray for AW, that his healing is swift. May he always know his pain is our pain and we are so thankful he will heal from this! I am so glad his mother didn’t go through more heartache and that dad and I didn’t lose another “son” in a blink of an eye! We love you AW!! May Cody’s spirit help see you through this and, remember, he is with us in every step we take! I am so glad he brought you into our lives!!
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Author: Christina Herold Trueblood

My name is Christina Trueblood. I am married and live in Central Illinois and am the mother of two, a daughter and son. Unfortunately, I lost my son in August 2017 in a single vehicle truck accident a couple of miles from our home. He was 24. I have documented some of my story on Facebook over this first year and have been encouraged to start a blog. I hope to help other families who have gone through loss and struggle to make any sense of it. My faith has kept me going and I believe one day, we will meet those loved ones we have lost again and it will be as if no time has passed. Until then, I want to honor their lives and know they left a mark on my life! Please follow me and share your stories.

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